Toronto Pearson International Airport Overview

Toronto Pearson International Airport (IATA: YYZ, ICAO: CYYZ) is a major international airport located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 22.5 km (14.0 mi) northwest of downtown Toronto. It is the busiest international air passenger gateway in Canada, handling 36,037,962 passengers in 2014. Over 75 airlines operate out of the airport.

Pearson airport features has two operating passenger terminals (Terminals 1 and 3) and serves as a hub for Air Canada (as a main hub), is also a hub for cargo airline FedEx Express Air Lines and passenger airline and the Operating Base for passenger airlines Air Transat and Sunwing Airlines.

Pearson Airport is operated by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).

Opened as Malton Airport in 1939 before being renamed in 1960 Toronto International Airport after being sold by the City of Toronto to the federal Department of Transport.

(YYZ) Pearson Airport Terminal Map

Toronto Pearson Intl Airport has 2 terminals, 1 & 3, containing 106 gates, All Air Canada flights operate from terminal 1. Most International flights other than Air Canada use T3.

Terminal 1

It contains 58 gates: D1, D3, D5, D7-D12, D20, D22, D24, D26, D28, D31-D45, D51, D53, D55, D57, F60-F63, F64A-F64B, F65, F66A-F66B, F/E67-F/E81 (F68-F73 and F78-F81 serve both US and international flights but E74-E77 are international only), F91, and F93. Two of the gates, E73 and E75, can accommodate the Airbus A380. Emirates is the only operator of this type of airplane at Toronto Pearson.

Terminal 1 is on 3 levels: The upper level (level 3) is for check-in and departures, the middle level (level 2) is for arrivals and Airport Express Buses, the basement level (level 1) is for public buses etc.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 has 48 gates: A1-A6, B1a-B1d, B2a-B2b, B3-B5, B7-B20, B22 and C24-C41. Terminal 3 is also on 3 levels. The upper level (level 3) is for the Sheraton Hotel only. The middle level (level 2) is for departures. The lower level (level 1) is for arrivals and buses/taxis/rental cars.

Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 1

YYZ Pearson airport terminal 1 map

Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 3

YYZ Pearson airport terminal 3 map

Toronto Pearson General Informations

YYZ Airport Contact


Pearson Airport
6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada

Latitude / Longitude:

43,6777176 / -79,6248197

Time Zone:

-4:00 hours from UTC/GMT

Current Time / Date:

Sunday 16th of June 2024 11:29:28 AM


Phone : +1 416-247-7678
Toll Free: 1-866-207-1690
TTY: (416) 776-3843
TTY Toll Free: 1-866-603-4495

Airport Code:

IATA code: YYZ

Ground Transportation

Link Train

Connect to Terminal 1, Terminal 3, and Viscount

Union Pearson Express

Terminal 1, Weston GO Station, Bloor GO Station, Union Station


Taxis wait outside the baggage reclaim areas of both terminals 1 and 3. At Terminal 1, taxis wait by doors A & F on the middle level (level 2). Pre-arranged taxis can be met at door D.

Local Bus

Bus 7 to Westwood Mall & Mississauga, Bus 58A - Malton Bus to Lawrence Wes, Bus 192 - Airport Rocket to Kipling, Bus 300/300A - Bloor- Danforth, Bus 307 to Eglinton (Night Bus)

Pearson Airport Guide


Find phone numbers and terminal locations for airlines serving YYZ Airpot.


Whether dropping someone off or leaving your car a little longer, we provide an array of parking options to fit your needs.


Stay in comfort at a host of nearby hotels. (Take the AirTrain to the Federal Circle station for free shuttles.)

Airport Amenities

Here's an overview of airport amenities such as Toronto Airport
WiFi (Wi-Fi is Free!)
Terminal Tram : The LINK train operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trains arrive every 4 - 8 minutes.
ADA Information : The Pearson International Airport has free wheelchair rentals and electric vehicles for passenger transport.
Family/ADA Bathrooms : There is no ADA bathroom information available for this airport.
Nurseries : There is no nursery information available for this airport.
Kid Play Areas : Toronto Airport offers four kids play areas for children.
Pet Care : There is no pet relief area information available for this airport.
YYZ Pearson airport